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Pandemic restrictions as priority, English learning camps of 7 schools in Chiayi City kick off today

  • PostDate:2022-01-27

January 24, 2022

Education Department / English Teaching Resource Center / Tourism and Information Department


        The winter break has begun and Chiayi City Government doesn’t want students to stop studying. Schools to held winter the camp are requested to list the students and to fulfill daily temperature taking and sanitization. Having been organized for 2 months, the Chiayi City English winter camp with 17 foreign English teachers, 30 Taiwanese English teachers and 247 students kicked off today in Shih Hsien Elementary School, Chung-wen Elementary School, Sing-chia Elementary School, Ming-tzu Elementary School, Shuanshin Elementary School, Wen-ya Elementary School and Chiayi Junior High School.

        The immersive English learning camp has always been a popular choice for parents in Chiayi City to sign up for their children during winter and summer breaks. The camp has lessons on different topics prepared by the teachers of Sing-chia English Academy and Min-tzu English Academy. Sponsored by the City Government, the camp is usually full within one day. The foreign English teachers hired for 6th graders and 7th graders by the City Government since 2019 also join the team of the camps added for the junior high schools in the city and elementary schools in east and west districts. There are 3 to 5 students from different schools joining the camps for free which allow them to speak, to write and to learn English naturally with the foreign English teachers.

        The teams have been preparing for the camps through a series of discussions and meetings since December to brainstorm ideas only for the students to learn English on different topics while having fun. As an associate teacher for the junior high school camp, Qiong-shan Hsu from Pei-yuan Junior High School admired the 4 foreign English teachers of the junior high school camp. They insisted to make some changes for students to have a different experience despite the fact that they could have used the same materials from last year. The Chiayi Junior High School Director Chia-rong Lin who is in charge of the junior high school camp also admired the foreign English teachers. They insisted to go to school even on weekends to ensure everything for the camp is ready. The students to attend the camp will indubitably learn a lot.

        The 7 camps have their own topics: DIY lessons “Free as a happy bird” by Sing-chia English Academy, lessons on healthy diet “Healthy Life” by Min-tzu English Academy, lessons on cultures of different countries “Kids World Fun” in Shih Hsien Elementary School, lessons on SDGs “Go GREEN” in Chung-wen Elementary School, the Winter Camp in Chiayi Junior High School with verbal and practical lessons, “Explore the year of tiger in English” in Shuanshin Elementary School and “Bilingual Cooking Camp” in Wen-ya Elementary School. The contents are various and diverse for students to learn from.

        Song-han Chen, a student from Min-sheng Junior High School who has attended the English camp for 2 years, signed up for the camp this time with other RT (Reader’s Theater) club members Jie-yu Shen, Pei-chen Hong and Shu-he Wang. He finds it intriguing to talk with foreign English teachers, so he decided to sign up for the camp again.

        The camp in Chiayi Junior High School with 32 students is led by foreign English teachers Michael, Norman, Kaye and Mona with 8 junior high school English teachers as associate instructors. Chiayi Junior High also sent 12 administers to assist the camp. Restrictions for the pandemic will also be strictly followed during the event. English teachers from different schools in Chiayi work together for students’ English learning during the winter break.