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1st event on municipal administration in Vision Station regarding aesthetics of landscaping

  • PostDate:2022-02-08

1st event on municipal administration in Vision Station regarding aesthetics of landscaping attract citizens to participate


January 26, 2022

Urban Development Department


        Urban Development Department held an event on municipal administration in Vision Station at 2 PM on January 25 (Tue.) in order to extend the energy of Taiwan Design Expo 2021 taking place in Chiayi City and to get people learn about the focus of Chiayi City’s administration. The topic of the 1st event was “Chiayi Aesthetics: Strategies for Landscaping” attended by 35 people including students from the department of landscape architecture, Chiayi University and Chiayi Junior High School, the staff of the City Government, and the citizens who had concern on municipal administration. There was the interactive VR mode of railway elevation for the participants to get a taste of the future elevated railway.

        The reason why landscape aesthetics is the event topic is to extend the spirit of Taiwan Design Expo that immerses designing into urban management, Urban Development Department said. Yen-liang Chen, the secretary-general of Taiwan Institute of Landscape Architects, was invited as the speaker for the event explaining the strategies and programs for landscaping in Chiayi City. According to Chen, not only Chiayi City contain unique waterfronts and green resources but also has rich culture and historical heritages. Those features can be utilized to connect different attractions and to build up friendly public areas in Chiayi City with the concept designing through long-term and short-term plans. The City Government also invited the architect Wen-tai Hsieh to share the process of working the design for Taichung Overpass of the elevated railway, which allowed the government staff and the citizens to ponder the way of reaching consensus though discussions over public issues. The participants brought up multiple questions during the Q&A session regarding whether the overpass of the to-be elevated railway in Chiayi City will built in favor of traffic or as a public area.

        Chiayi City is currently developing “Chiayi Station Development Program” by making strategies for landscape and urban planning based on the railway elevation, Urban Development Department states. Attractions along the “New Silk Road Culture” with the “Cross-shaped Area” as the center can be connected to form a tourist section. The participants of different fields could learn more about the content municipal administration during the event and have a discussion on the future landscape plans for Chiayi City out of the knowledge shared by the speakers.

        The City Government has announced the 2 following events that will take place in Vision Station. Those who are interested are welcome to sign up. For more information, please go to the website:

The 2nd Event: Prosperity of Chiayi – Vision of Urban Development, February 10 (Thur.), 2022

The 3rd Event: Placemaking – Urban Renewal and Old House Revival, February 12 (Sat.), 2022