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Mayor Ming-hui Huang and 7 Tigers bring citizens 7 different blessings

  • PostDate:2022-02-10

February 3, 2022

Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City set up a cute billboard to celebrate 2022 the year of tiger! Designed by the local artist SMART, the billboard stands above Vision Station next to the Chiayi railway station with Ming-hui Huang the Chiayi City Mayor and 7 adorable tigers in different sizes surrounded by plum blossom in it. The 7 tigers bring people 7 different blessings: safety, health, long life, wealth, smoothness, joy and happiness.

        The new billboard design of Chiayi City is full of both traditional and innovative ideas. The energetic and warm style presents the lively New Year through the plum blossom and the 7 tigers with different poses. The plum blossom is a symbol of not fearing hardship, which demonstrates how we faced the pandemic and challenges. The tiger in the folklore is regarded as a beast of luck, and its sound (hu) is a pun of fortune (fu) and wealth (fu). The 7 tigers bring 7 different blessings for this new year where the pandemic can cease. We wish people to stay safe and healthy and to live long lives. We wish all the businesses to get back on track. We also wish everything to go smoothly for everyone to live a delightful and happy life.

        Chiayi City has changed a lot not only because of the Taiwan Design Expo 2021 which attracted over 200 million visitors during the 10 days but the concept of designing which is applied to urban management in order to find solutions to the issues of the city. In response to the recent pandemic wave, Huang emphasized that we had through the past year struck by Covid-19 and that our hearts stuck together even during that difficult time. We are grateful for the hard-working medical personnel and the cooperation of the citizens. We believe that people from different fields strive for Chiayi City as well because we all love this city. We are willing to protect, collaborate and stand up for the brighter future. We wish the citizens to stay healthy all year round and have good fortune.

        There are several versions of the New Year billboard design at Vision Station, Chiayi City Government, Chiayi Park and Chiayi Station of HSR. People can take pictures with the billboards in Chiayi City during the New Year to feel and enjoy the festive vibe.