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International Mother Language Day on February 21 – “In Chiayi, Languages with You”

  • PostDate:2022-02-16

February 12, 2022

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        In response to International Mother Language Day, Cultural Affairs Bureau holds series of activities by collaborating with local writers, independent bookstores, community associations, storytelling groups and theaters. The activities take place from February 12 through March 13 at Cultural Affairs Bureau and Shixian Library. The citizens can participate to find out the fun of native languages in our life.

        Language is a crucial medium for culture inheritance and communication and native languages are our first languages for learning, adaptation and life after we are born, Cultural Affairs Bureau states. Announced by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1999, International Mother Language Day has been observed throughout the world since February 21 in 2000. The goal is to promote the importance of language preservation and transmission of native languages to the whole world. Therefore, we can prevent the languages on Earth from dying.

        Following up the events held by Ministry of Education for International Mother Language Day promotion, Cultural Affairs Bureau has organized the event “In Chiayi, Languages with You” which includes “Languages with You – Vernal Excursion in Chiayi” There are 4 routes for people to choose: “Let’s Go to the One-hundred-year-old East Market,” “Temple Trip & Sightseeing,” “Toy for Children of Chiayi – An Alishan Railway Themed Trip,” and “Hospitality of Chiayi – A Tour to Hakka Villages.” These trips are guided by Kuo-ching Yu, the owner Honya Bookstore, Chun-wen Chen, a writer, and Song-lan Lin, the former chairperson of Chiayi City Hakka Culture Association. People can learn about the local view, cultures and stories during the trips which start from February 12.

        Teapot Children’s Theater is invited to tell the stories Three-year Hill and Karma of Being Greedy for “Languages with You – Storytelling by Play” by performing plays. The show will kick off on February and don’t miss out on it!

        “Reading with You Theme Book Exhibition” at Shixian Library collects 95 books regarding local languages. There are also storytelling hours in native languages at Cultural Affairs Bureau and the children’s reading room of Shixian Library by volunteers of Storytelling Lin and Chiayi City Reading Promotion Association.

        The information about “In Chiayi, Languages with You” serial activities can be found on Cultural Affairs Bureau’s Facebook, Chiayi Library’s Facebook,or the website: