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Chiayi City’s first government-led urban renewal project officially signed

  • PostDate:2022-02-21

February 15, 2022

Urban Development Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The signing ceremony for the government-led urban renewal on the public land to the west of Min Tzu Elementary School took place at the City Hall today. The ceremony was attended by Ming-hui Huang, the mayor, and Ping-sen Hong, the president of Kuocheng Development & Construction, along with guests such as Hsin-hsou Wu, the general-director of Construction and Planning Agency of Ministry of the Interior, councilors and representatives of public land management departments. The government-led project is the 1st success in Chang-Yun-Chia area on investment invitation for urban renewal and it’s a symbol of potentials of Chiayi City, Huang says. I feel deeply honored to invest in Chiayi City, Hong states.

        Huang recalls the effort she has put into the project ever since she was a legislator. The integration of the land to the west of Min Tzu Elementary School with National Property Administration, Chiayi County Government, Chiayi City Government and residential areas on it is finally finished after 20 years of hard work, says Huang emotionally. The process is totally transparent and it cheers us up to know that Kuocheng Development & Construction will be implementing the project.

        The goal of Chiayi City is to become the new center in the west and the new shopping center of the Yun-Chia-Nan area, according to Huang. Chiayi City is under rapid development and the city plays a big role in regional integration. The government-led urban renewal project is a memorable moment in the history. Chiayi City will be more progressive once the railway elevation is complete.

        First try is always the most challenging and it also tests the capability of a local government to integrate, according to Wu. The integration of lands of different owners is the most difficult part of the project, and it also involves private lands and households. The City Government has overcome the doubts about the project and Kuocheng has experience of executing urban renewal projects, which will make the project go smoothly.

        It usually takes 2 years to start a government-led urban renewal project from the invitation of investment, but Chiayi City Government is way more efficient than other local governments, Hong said. The construction for the project is planned to start in 2024 and finish in 2028 with the budget of 2.3 billion dollars. Kuocheng has spotted potentials of Chiayi City and hopes to change the face of the city as well as meeting the needs of the city. Hong has a special feeling and strong responsibility to the city for his wife is from Chiayi. Kuocheng wishes to accomplish something great along with Chiayi City.

        The project is to build a mixed-use area for residential, commercial, education and entertainment, according to Hong. There will be green buildings and smart buildings that apply energy-efficient systems in the area. Nursery centers and charities will be provided as well as a safe and friendly environment for education built with the commuting path and school fences near Min Tzu Elementary School.