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“Youth Soul Lab” – Chiayi City being a place to train people of talents

  • PostDate:2022-02-23

February 19, 2022

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        After 3 months of training and preparations, 29 groups selected from the 2nd “Youth Project Proposal Contest” of Chiayi City Government held the conference “Youth Soul Lab” today to share the results. People from all walks of life witnessed the growth and change of those groups. The City Government applied the concept of designing to city management to build an innovative platform for Chiayi City to turn into a place filled with talents, Ming-hui Huang, the mayor of Chiayi City, emphasized.

        “Youth” is the brand of Chiayi City Government’s policies for young people. Chiayi City is the first to immerse the concept of designing for youth policies, according to Huang. Only after young people turn their love to the society into motives and good vibes will the society have more for people to anticipate. Despite the pandemic, there were still 66 groups participating in the 2nd “Youth Project Proposal Contest” and 29 of them were selected qualified. The qualified groups were divided into 2 categories: placemaking and social innovation. Thanks to the 10 experts of different fields who guided the qualified groups through the Internet, those young people were able to make their proposals viable by thinking outside the box and to viewing issues from different perspectives.

        Seeing the results and hearing the thoughts of those young people, Huang was moved and convinced that the 2nd “Youth Project Proposal Contest” was a success for young people try to make breakthroughs in order to come up with the best way to carry out their proposals. Different departments and bureaus of Chiayi City Government work together to create a platform where young people are educated and trained to take on challenges and to think outside the box, emphasized Huang. The City Government will keep looking for resources to provide a chance for young people to change the society.

        On top of students from Chung Cheng University, Chiayi University and high schools in Chiayi, the 29 qualified groups also consisted of students from Taiwan University, Chengchi University, Taiwan Normal University, Cheng Kung University, Chung Hsing University, Pingtung University, Providence University and Tunghai University. They have accomplished what they aimed for since last November. The group “Chu Chia Mu” reminds people to cherish Mother Nature by letting people experience slacklining. “Bei Te” promotes rental reusable cups to lower the consumption of disposable plastic. “Let’s Play, Straight-A Students!” promotes the importance of elderly care through board games. “Canned Food Young Chiayi” allows people to immerse themselves into a pineapple can factory through VR. “R-Dap” shows concern on mobility scooters and has developed a smart device that can be installed on scooters or electric wheelchairs to keep the elderly or disabled people safe.

        The 2nd “Youth Project Proposal Contest” was a success and the 3rd one with up to 3.12 million dollars of sponsorship is now open to sign up, says Hsuan-chi Kuo, the director of Intelligence Technologies Department. More young people will stand out to contribute to the society based on social issues. Young people are welcome to submit proposals to win the sponsorship from the City Government.


Website to sign up the 3rd “Youth Project Proposal Contest”: