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Chung Cheng Park transforming into an encyclopedia-themed playground for children

  • PostDate:2022-03-01

February 21, 2022

Economic Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The playground for Children at Chung Cheng Park turned into a playground of encyclopedias in order to create a better space to play for children. The design combines the concept of Wikipedia for child development. Children can have fun in the 12 different areas at the park as if learning from an encyclopedia. The inauguration held by Chiayi City Government took place today and the guests who attended were: the Chiayi City mayor Ming-hui Huang, the general landscape consultant Eric Hsu, the president of Association of Welfares and Development for Disabled Children Shu-jing Chou, and the secretary-general of TWPFC Ya-lin Chang. Huang invited parents to bring their children to visit Chung Cheng Park for its encyclopedia themed playground.

        Chiayi City has carried out the “Park 2.0 Project” in favor of the living environment of the citizens for parks are the lung of a city, according to Huang. Facilities that weigh too much can’t be set up at the park due to the parking garage beneath it, yet the Government still overcame the difficulties to come up with the ideas for the park. Chiayi City has been upgrading the parks for parents and children to create great memories for the cause of transforming into a place suitable for people of all ages. Huang reminds parents to read the sign of each facility before entering to have a better experience.

        The playground is composed of 12 different types of areas, according to Hsu-feng Li, the design manager of Phototroph Engineering Consultants, Inc. Children can feel different textures of gravels or the turf by touch in the touch area. The changes of colors of plants in the 4 seasons can be observed in the floral clock & painting area. A breakthrough has been made in the maze area which is also available for children on the wheelchair.

       We want a theme for a park which fits in around its place, said Eric Hsu. The playgrounds at Chung Cheng Park and the Central Square, which belong in the same living sphere, are built to meet the need of children for entertainment. The facilities of parks in Chiayi City will be more complete in the future.

        Disabled children also have accessibility to the park thanks to Chiayi City Government that has listened to their voices and park renovation is not an easy work, said Shu-jing Chou.

        Chung Cheng Park has a music playing area with facilities as giant music instruments such as metallophone and drums, according to Economic Affairs Department. The gaming area with games on the ground is able to awaken the sense of feel for children while they have fun. The classic area includes a seesaw, rotating plates, a balance beam, and climbing frames.

        In the playgrounds, children get to improve agility, coordination, concentration, mood stability, stress management, and spatial cognition. There are also signs set up at the facilities with QR codes linked to videos that demonstrate usages of the facilities. Parents and children can learn how to use the facilities quickly and easily.