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The 2nd Chiayi Youth Festival

  • PostDate:2022-03-09

The 2nd Chiayi Youth Festival – heritage, imagination, sharing and voice that reaches the new generation


March 5, 2022

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The 2nd Chiayi Youth Festival that lasts for 2 days has kicked off today. A series of activities such as the fair, music performances, and salons are held for young people, which allows them to brainstorm ideas to make changes. Ming-hui Huang, the mayor of Chiayi City stressed: “There are unlimited chances and possibilities for young people in Chiayi City, The City Government will build up an influential platform for young people to interact with their surroundings and to show more concern over public issues.”

        The festival presents “generation of toy blocks” with 4 elements: heritage, imagination, sharing and collision. The 4 elements are the very portrayal of young people having countless ideas. The music speaks up for the young generation, the fair demonstrates the life style of young people, and the salons inspire them to brainstorm ideas. The fair at the Central Square has 42 stalls of quality from different places which cover food, handcrafts, books, souvenirs, drawings, and interactive activities. The stalls well represent the ideas of the young generation from different fields. The energetic festival has attracted over 10 thousand visitors.

        Huang showed up at the event interacting with the people and listening to ideals and dreams shared by the young people and how they strive for their goals. Huang said: “There are unlimited possibilities in this city and young people share their passions in the fair, in their music and during the salons. The energy in Chiayi City is stacking up for the future.

        Huang stressed: “Do not wait for the moment when you are awesome. You’ll be awesome when you just do it!” The City Government has been working on nurturing talents by turning Chiayi City into a perfect environment since 2019. One can have an inner conversation with themselves by action while getting deeper connections with their surroundings. More chances and guidance are given to young people during the process from ideas to action. It’s inspirational to see young people stick to their ideals by actually doing something with their innovative ideas.

        Gboyswag and Yi-hong Wu (Uncle Pineapple) also met up with Huang and thanked her for holding such a wholesome event for young people to display themselves. Wu even brought Huang something to drink, which warmed Huang’s heart.

        The stalls of the fair are mostly owned by Chiayi local stores. Owners either returned to Chiayi to show its cultural heritage or chose the city for their star-ups. “Baron Scones” is a specialty store with an old-fashion café style that sells handmade British scones. The scones with a variety of flavors they sell are unforgettable once having a bite. “Dianzhisou” is a must-try dessert delivery that mainly sells dacquoises and canelés. “ChihMin” creates more possibilities for placemaking and every single one of vessels they sell has its own background story.

        There are 8 groups of music artists invited to perform for the event: LINION, Shi Shi, Gboyswag, Men Envy Children, ?te, Mingren, Fresh Juicer, and Sorry Youth. ?te, who won the Golden Melody Award for Best New Artist, decided to put her medical degree on hold for her music dream. Her unique voice brings people warmth. Mingren from Malaysia also realized his music dream to inspire more people. Fresh Juicer writes songs by mixing Taiwanese traditional elements and metal, and their music the life of Taiwanese people from different perspectives. The music of the last group of performers, Sorry Youth, inspires people with its authentic Taiwanese style.

        There is a special area at the event for the qualified groups from the “Youth Project Proposal Contest” to share their projects. They spent time in this city trying to solve the issues they focused on. People can see the positive influence of young people as well as their spirits to take on challenges.