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Praying for Blessings – multi-cultural fair “Genki in Chiayi” at Cultural Square

  • PostDate:2022-03-11


March 6, 2022

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        Every single one of residents that lives in Chiayi City is essential to the city. Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City Government held the multi-cultural fair “Genki in Chiayi” at Cultural Square on the 5th and the 6th to encourage minorities with different backgrounds to participate in more cultural events. A platform for exchange was built in the city for people to embrace cultural differences and to increase the diverse energy.

        Each person in Chiayi is one of the big family members and part of the roots for different cultures that shape the city, Cultural Affairs Bureau says. The fair has 4 different themes: “Praying for Blessings” from March 5 through March 6, “Fairy Tale Party” from March 26 through March 27, “Exotic Cuisines” from April 30 through May 1 and “Exotic Garments” from May 28 through May 29. Visitors are able to see a variety of products including wooden utensils, handcrafts, produce from smallholders, and exotic food. New immigrants from Vietnam and Indonesia, Hakka people, indigenous peoples and other people with different backgrounds get to show the charm of their cultures at the event.

“Praying for Blessings” allows people to learn about different religions and special ways to pray. Visitors can get a small praying card and write their wishes on it. We all hope our dreams come true and pray for the post-pandemic era. Every country has a special ceremony for praying. Stones in Korea are crystalized wishes; the taller the stone pile is, the more possible dreams would come true. There are also “ema” in Japan and “incense worship” in Taiwan.

        There are over 50 stalls in the fair. Uncle Jerry Layer Cake owned by Yu-hsiu Liu, an 2nd-generation Indonesian, sells delicate French desserts and tradition Indonesian snacks. Ting-jie Shen “Doctor Peach” from Beijing is a well-known art director, and her paintings thoroughly interprets the “city of peach” from an artist’s perspective. Ting-ting Yang, the owner of BlingBling, sells accessories and handcrafts made from wax strings that connect silver, mother crystal or semi-precious gemstones. Li-min Lai, the owner of “Body Painting Pattern” from Malaysia, creates henna art which originated from India. Henna is an essential part of the Indian tradition that symbolizes luck and blessing.

        People can also experience art from different countries during the DIY session. Hsiu-jing Lin taught people how to make Japanese amulet “omamori” on March 5. On March 6, Ting-jie Shen guided people to draw their own special and make wishes on them.

        Everyone can have a fun time in the fair. There are still 6 more different days for people to experience the charm of the multi-cultural fair: March 26, March 27, April 30, May 1, May 28 and May 29.