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Foreign teachers in Chiayi City to improve teaching skills by attending teaching demonstration event

  • PostDate:2022-03-22

March 17, 2022

Education Department / English Resource Center /Tourism and Information Department


        English Teaching/Learning Resource Center in Chiayi City held a teaching demonstration event which ran as a workshop yesterday morning for foreign teachers who are teaching in Chiayi City. Michael, a foreign teacher teaching in Pei Shin Junior High School, and Chun-fang Kuo, the associate lecturer, along with the 17 students of the 7th-grade sport talent class in Pei Shin Junior High School were invited for the teaching demonstration.

        There are regular and irregular seminars arranged for elementary school and junior high school teachers, and foreign teachers also have the obligation to improve themselves in the field of education. Chiayi City’s first attempt to organize this event allows the foreign teachers to exchange ideas. Th event helps the foreign teachers build up the core value of the 12-year compulsory education.

        The event began with the English speeches given by Ren-ze Chang, the principal of Pei Shin Junior High School, and Chi-nan Kao, the chairperson of the parent association. Michael then gave a brief introduction to the lecture design and explained the level of the students before starting the lecture. All the foreign teachers that participated in the event shared their thoughts on this event and gave recognition to the hard work of Michael and Chun-fang Kuo.

        Chiayi City initiated the bilingual education policy on October 25, 2021 in response to “Bilingual Nation 2030” and the crew of foreign teachers will keep improving with the resources the mayor provides, says Wan-yu Cheng, the director of English Teaching/Learning Resource Center. Michael gave a lecture on food describing by applying teaching strategies for students to express their own opinions and to practice. The event would be a great experience to improve for the foreign teachers.

        It was an awesome experience to learn from another teacher and it was fun to learn something with other foreign teachers in Chiayi City, says Norman, a teacher teaching in Min-sheng Junior High School. He was impressed by how the students answered voluntarily in complete sentences.

        Heidi, a foreign teacher teaching in Chiayi City, also liked the lecture. It was wonderful to see how other people teach students and how they encourage students to actually speak English. Michael made name cards for students and drew their attention with the pictures and clips in his slides, and that is something we can learn from, Heidi says. She used to attend sessions for teaching observation in the US; however, this was her first lecture where the speaker taught people how to teach. She was intrigued by how Michael got every single student to talk in English.

        The students were quite nervous today for there were many foreign teachers observing the class in the back, but Michael drew their attention with the slides he made which I would like to learn from, says Andrew. He was impressed by how Michael got every single student to talk in English and how he used his body language. Andrew finds most students in Taiwan shy and he will try preparing more interesting lessons to get them to talk in English in class.

        It is a must to integrate the resources provided by both the central government and the local government, says Li-sheng Lin, the director of Education Department. Chiayi City plans on building a friendly teaching environment for foreign teachers through the systematic planning of English Teaching/Learning Resource Center (ETRC) to attract more teachers to stay in Chiayi City. Foreign teachers will be able to quickly get accustomed to schools and their associate teachers. With lectures like this, foreign teachers will guide students to obtain a global perspective.