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Chiayi Art Museum: opening ceremony for “Anthro-proximity: Cheng-po Chen and City of Painting”

  • PostDate:2022-03-28

March 19, 2022

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Chiayi Art Museum / Tourism and Information Department


        The 1st Cheng-po Chen themed exhibition at Chiayi Art Museum has kicked off today. The exhibition displays hundreds of pieces of works and documents regarding the art history in Chiayi City before WWII from contemporary perspectives. Ming-hui Huang, the mayor of Chiayi City, acknowledged Chen (1895-1947) during her speech as one of the most important artists in Chiayi and in Taiwan’s art history. The exhibition presents the assets of art in Chiayi that has been passed down for over a century. The visitors will be able to feel the connection to the artworks.

        Chiayi Art Museum obtained a number of pieces created by Cheng-po Chen and his friends from Li-bo Chen, the president of Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation. Bo-hsin Chiang, a Taiwanese art historian, will conduct research on the donated pieces for the exhibition, Anthro-proximity: Cheng-po Chen and City of Painting, to discuss the modernity of the art in Chiayi during the last century. Anthro-proximity refers to the space between people or even the space of humanity, Huang says. One can get a glimpse of the life back in the era and see how Cheng-po Chen influenced and inspired the education of contemporary art.

        Artworks of Cheng-po Chen are worth constant exploration and I feel proud for also being from Chiayi, Huang stresses. Chiayi, also known as the city painting, is something different with Cheng-po Chen. Thanks to Li-bo Chen, the art of Chiayi City got to be promoted during the exhibition. Huang also reminds those who are going to the art museum for the exhibition to follow the pandemic restrictions.

        It’s been 75 years since Cheng-po Chen passed away and Chiayi Art Museum is the first that did systematic research on his pieces, according to Li-bo Chen. It is revolutionary that the exhibition connects the modern era to the past. Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation will start arranging the 2nd donation of artworks by Cheng-po Chen.

        “Anthro-proximity: Cheng-po Chen and City of Painting” reshapes the city of painting and focuses on the later life of Cheng-po Chen in Chiayi. It discusses how the artist built up his career after returning to Chiayi with the experiences of studying in Tokyo and teaching in Shanghai. “Befriend by Creation” at the 1st floor displays pieces and postcards given to Cheng-po Chen by Te-he Chang-Li, Yu-shan Lin and You Su. “Observation on Modern Life” on the 2nd floor displays City God Festival in Lunar August, Looking towards Chiayi and Meteorological Observatory, the oldest watercolor piece by Cheng-po Chen that is still kept. “Strokes and Shapes” on the 3rd floor displays a number of character sketches by Cheng-po Chen and people will be able to see Reclining Nude Reading Book, the most valuable collection of the art museum, in this section.

        Chiayi Art museum invites 3 great creators in different fields to interpret Cheng-po Chen’s pieces from modern perspectives. “Huanbo’s Dream” by Chung-kai Huang allows visitors to read stories and novels at the exhibition. “To Change or Not to Change” by the musician Chi-hsuan Ying will guide people through a journey of both sense of sight and sense of hearing by repertory theater. Wei-chia Su and his troupe “Horse” will throw an event at the art museum in May where people can experience the fun of dance and painting.

        During the exhibition, a special activity takes place every Wednesday which people can sign up for to explore in the art museum and to look for inspirations. There are also 2 types of tour regarding Cheng-po Chen at Chiayi City Concert Hall. More information can be found on the official website.