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Fairy Tale Party – fair “Genki in Chiayi”

  • PostDate:2022-03-29

March 26, 2022

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        The “Fairy Tale Party” of the largest multi-cultural fair “Genki in Chiayi” took place at Cultural Square on March 26 and March 27. Aside from the 2 DIY lessons, there were also 50 stands featuring different cultures that sold unique goods.

        According to Kuo-liang Yeh, the acting director-general of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City is the new urban center of the west and groups of different cultural backgrounds such as new immigrants, indigenous peoples, military villagers, migrant workers, foreigners and international students are the essential sources to make the city lively. More energy of cultures would be collected through the exchanges in the fair.

        “Fairy Tale Party” allowed parents to venture in the exotic wonderland from pure and hopeful perspectives of children. It covered stories of Little Mermaid by a Danish writer, Little Prince from France and Momotaro, a story of Japanese folklore.

        As for the 2 DIY lessons, Tsui-li Liao, one of the lecturers, taught people how to put the forest of your dream into colored plaster flower pots. Qian Chiang, the other lecturer, taught people how to print characters in fairy tales onto cup coasters.

        Goods such as wooden utensils, handmade decorations, and produce of small holders could be found in the fair. Ya-hsun Luo sold animal-shaped mantou with natural food dye. Inspired by flowers, Ying-ying Yan from China turned accessories into elves in the forest. Qian Chiang created drawings of flowers and cats for she liked them both. Li-juan Chuang made dolls and clothes for them and they are perfect gifts.

        People can learn more about diverse cultures in the multi-cultural fair “Genki in Chiayi” and find out its beauty. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the charm of the fair.