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Announcement for Chiayi City’s new policy regarding the youth – “Youth Lab”

  • PostDate:2022-04-01

Announcement for Chiayi City’s new policy regarding the youth – “Youth Lab” founded and sponsorship program released


March 28, 2022

Social Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City Government threw a presentation of policies for the youth at Meet Store, started up by a young person, today before the youth festival (March 29). “Youth Lab” as the model for policy making, the City Government will work on the integration of resources owned by different departments to support the future of young people in Chiayi City. Policies will focus on the 5 main aspects: talent nurturing, employment, start-up consultancy, innovation and public participation. Chiayi City mayor Ming-hui Huang, Geng-rong Chang, Ting-jie Wu and Bo-rong Wu launched paper planes as the symbol of Chiayi City Government that drives people towards their dreams.

        Teenagers are the hope of our country and there were 3 young people from different fields today who shared their experiences to inspire people to try, said Huang. The City Government will guide young people to achieve something in the 5 main aspects. The old homeless shelter will turn into “Youth Lab” as the platform for exchange. Young people will show great energy for the future of Chiayi City with the guidance of the City Government.

        According to Jia-wei Lin, the director of Social Affairs Department, Chiayi City Government firstly tried out the “Youth Gathering” event this year and budgeted 200 thousand dollars for young people to organize different activities. Young people can apply to the City Government for sponsorship when organizing activities regarding future careers or public issues. “Youth Gathering” allows the youth to achieve something related to issues they show concern on with the assistance of the City Government.

        Apart from policies for the youth, Chiayi City Government will work on helping young people make living in Chiayi City in different ways. There were policies focusing on youth employment and job hunt experience. The topics cover career exploration, skills for interviews, labor regulations, start-up for the youth and international trend. It all comes to the 3 stages of career planning: industry learning, professional studying and employment.

        The 3 young people invited to the “Youth Salon” today participated in activities the City Government held. They shared their thoughts on the events they attended and agreed that Chiayi City kept getting better. They encouraged young people in Chiayi City to take action and not to fret.

        “Labor and Youth Development Section” of Social Affairs Department founded on February 1 in 2021 is a special unit for affairs related to the youth. They founded “Youth Affairs Linking Platform” in 2022 to integrate resources of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Education Department, Intelligence Technologies Department and Economic Affairs Department. The events for the youth guide young people to have positive influence and inspire them to take challenges.