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Stories in Bloom – serial events for International Museum Day of Chiayi City 2022

  • PostDate:2022-05-18

May 14, 2022

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        The serial events for International Museum Day of Chiayi City have kicked off at the Historical Relic Museum today. “Stories in Bloom” as the theme, Chiayi Municipal Museum and 5 other local places of culture collaborate to organize events for the promotion of local culture. “Chiayi City is a museum itself that bears significant stories of those who live on this land,” says Ming-hui Huang, the mayor of Chiayi City.

        “Chiayi City is a museum and a city of culture. Chiayi City is perfect to live in.” Chiayi City is a small place with low population density yet the culture is rather magnificent, according to Huang. Construction makes a city huge and culture makes it great. Culture is the root for development of Chiayi City and museums are the nutrients. Flowers of culture are in bloom in Chiayi City thanks to the effort people have put.

        It is the cultural heritage which matters to a city instead of the size, Huang stresses. A new silk road of culture is under development in the East District: the library, Jianguo II Village, parks and the revitalization of the old town. The railway elevation program is the main focus for the development of the West District. There will be regional planning for the area that covers approximately 1,200 acres along the railway which connects the south and the north. Convenience of a city and hospitality of a country will co-exist in Chiayi City in the future as more stories of culture will be made.

        A city doesn’t have to be big but it needs culture, memories and meaning, according to Zong-cheng Chiu (Dean of Student Affairs, Tainan University of the Arts), the project manager of the serial events for International Museum Day of Chiayi City. The first day happens to be the beginning of the wet season whose rainwater nourishes the land of Chiayi City. Life is the footprints of history and museums collects every bit of it to gather memories, Bo-ya Chang, former president of the Control Yuan, mentioned during the speech in the opening ceremony.

        International Museum Day of Chiayi City have events in Chiayi Municipal Museum, Chiayi Art Museum, Memorial of Dr. Shih-Hsien Hsu, i-Wood Village, Chiayi City Historical Relic Museum, and Hosanna Museum. The events cover puzzle board games, light trips, workshops as well as exhibitions, lectures and fairs.


Introduction of International Museum Day of Chiayi City:

  1. Chiayi Municipal Museum – puzzle board game contest
  2. Chiayi Art Museum – solo exhibition of Cheng-po Chen
  3. Memorial of Dr. Shih-Hsien Hsu – Special exhibition for Dr. Shih-Hsien Hsu
  4. i-Wood Village – Exhibition and special discount
  5. Chiayi City Historical Relic Museum – Syowa Fair
  6. Hosanna Museum – Exhibition and Lecture on Ceramics


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