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Mayor Ming-hui Huang cheers for examinees while inspecting Covid-19 restrictions

  • PostDate:2022-05-25

1st day of CAP exams – Mayor Ming-hui Huang cheers for examinees while inspecting Covid-19 restrictions


May 21, 2022

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students (CAP) has kicked off today and will last for 2 days. The examinees are required to wear masks and take temperature during the exam, and no company is allowed. Partitions are set up for the lunch break. Ming-hui Huang, the mayor of Chiayi City, Li-sheng Lin, the director of Education Department, along with other guests went to Chiayi Senior High School to inspect the precautions for Covid-19 and also showed concern on other exam venues such as Chiayi Industrial High School and Chiayi Girls’ Senior High School. Huang wishes those who are taking the exams to have a good performance. CAP is the first big exam for students in their school time.

        Huang is grateful for the staff, the nurses, the examinees and the service crew. In order to provide a safe and comfortable environment, principals and teachers of different schools ensured the arrangement, traffic flow and the sanitization of the classrooms for exams. The teaching staff of Pei Shin Junior High School even helped every examinee from the school set up partitions and sanitize the seats between exams.

        There are 6,084 examinees taking CAP in Chiayi and the venues include Chiayi Senior High School, Chiayi Girls' Senior High School, Chia-Yi Industrial High School, Ming Shyong High School of Agriculture and Industry, and Tung-shih Senior High School, according to Lin, the director of Education Department. There are 2,818 3rd-year students in Chiayi City taking BAP this year, and each exam location might not be able to accommodate all the examinees due to the Covid-19 restrictions. As a result, Chiayi Senior Commercial School and Yung Ching Senior High School are added as special exam venues for emergency with special taxis to move between different locations.

        Chiayi City follows the regulations and restrictions announced by Ministry of Education on May 16 to maintain the health and rights of examinees and the staff. Examinees are required to wear masks, take temperature and attend the exams without company. Air-conditioners in each classroom for CAP have to be on with doors closed and the 4 windows at the corners opened with 5 CM to 10 CM wide gap. The English listening test for CAP is till practiced. Regular sanitization and the control of indoor traffic flow are also required.

        The schedule of CAP this year is identical to the schedule in previous years. Social studies and math are scheduled in the morning of the 1st day while Mandarin and writing test are scheduled in the afternoon. Science and English (reading and listening) are scheduled on the 2nd day morning. The 1st period of both days starts at 8:20 AM. Social studies today had 129 examinees absent. There were 75 examinees moved to the special exam venues today and 12 examinees with symptoms. The 40 examinees who weren’t able to attend the exams due to quarantine or Covid-19 policies are scheduled to amend BAP on June 4 and June 5.