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KANO Park KANO Park-night view

  Chiayi City KANO Park finished in August, 2017 evidences the proud baseball days of Chiayi City. There are the outdoor concert hall opposite to the family educational center and the baseball sculpture zone with the copper bat and mitt seats. The stone plate on the ground writes the lines in KANO the film like “The desperate papaya tree is eventually fruitful” and “Practice is the only way to fine baseball performance”.

  The baseball Century Avenue 40 meters wide and 180 meters long used to be the must path for the KANO baseball team to the field. The stone plate on the ground and the baseball stars wall aside skillfully present the history of the KANO baseball team introducing 16 members in the second place of Koshi’en the National High School Baseball Championship of Japan in that year.

  The KANO Ball with the weight of 4 tons and the diameter of 5 meters is inevitable. The Ball is made of aluminum alloy with over 120 hollow-out rings embedded. The sun shines in the day and the colorful illumination glitters in the night.

  They are amazing in different ways. It is fitted to cheat cuts as well. It is fine to place the ball in your hand or kick the ball, you can shoot your idea at any position!