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Mayor Ming Hui Huang

Mayor: Huang, Ming-Hui


  • Master of Business Administration, National Chiayi University
  • B.A., Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University
  • Hung Jen Catholic Girls’ High School
  • Chiayi Municipal Junior High School
  • Chui Yang Elementary School
  • Zheng Yi Kindergarten

Professional Experience

  • Teacher of Zhongshan Girls High School
  • Delegate to the 3rd National Assembly
  • Legislator of the 4th, 5th and 6th Legislative Yuan
  • The 7th, 8th and 10th Chiayi City Mayor
  • Director of Special Olympics, Chinese Taipei
  • Director of Development Association of Chiayi City Community Universities
  • Honorary Director of Chiayi City Chamber of Commerce
  • Boardman of Academic Foundation of National Chung Cheng University
  • Advisory Member of China Youth Corps Committee
  • Deputy Chairman of KMT
  • Acting Chairman of KMT

Mayor Huang’s Administrative Ideas

  • 1.To Fulfill “Economy 5 + 1", and to build Chiayi City into “New Shopping Center in  Western Taiwan"。
  • 2.A boost to the tourism industry of Chiayi City, and the project of sponsoring visitors to Chiayi City promotion。
  • 3.Chiayi City development as Xinyi District, invitation OUTLET to station, and Wenhua Rd. Shopping Area renovation as Ximending。
  • 4.E-payment promotion for Chiayi City as an example city of e-business。
  • 5.Chiayi City Library and West District Public Stadium construction。
  • 6.Sixth Parking Lot Expropriation and Reconstruction into a parking tower to solve parking issue in Wenhua Rd. Shopping Area。
  • 7.Chiayi City Art Gallery optimization, eco-friendly transportation and network build with tourism area。
  • 8.Public Health Internet build and “Long-term 2.0" execution to create City of healthy elders and the elderly care。
  • 9.Education for kids first: to lower the number of students in each class and to increase the number of teachers annually for cultivation of worldwide competitive talents。
  • 10.To found “City Government Youth Counseling Team" for listening to the voices of the youth and for encouraging them to take part in the public politics。
  • 11.To found Chiayi City Start-up Base for providing service of start-up education。
  • 12.Park 2.0 adoption to topicalize city gardens and large parks and to specialize playgrounds in community parks。
  • 13.To found City Aesthetic Office to practice the construction; re-discussion over plot ratio pf buildings to enhance the usage for an area。
  • 14.To found New Immigrant Affair Committee to fulfill policies such as life support, medical support and job right protection。
  • 15.To found Animal Welfare Special Committee for upgrading animal shelters and improve adoption system。