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        A local student band was founded in Chiayi in the 6th year of Showa Era (the 20th year of ROC Era) during the Japan’s rule. The concert band trend began to grow thanks to the positive responses of the citizens, so other schools then also started their own bands. Furthermore, the first band festival held in 1993 represented the milestone for the concert band in Chiayi. In 1997, many oversea bands were invited to the festival, which earned the event a title of “international”. In 2000, Chiayi City organized the “Asia-Pacific Band Festival” and allowed the world to see the city. In 2011, Chiayi City hosted the WASBE World Conference, where 14 bands, 3,000 concert band players and 300 musicians participated. This enabled Chiayi City International Band Festival to present itself to the world. There have already been 27 band festivals held, and the festival has become the most famous music event in Taiwan. In the meanwhile, Chiayi City has turned into an international city for band music from a small town in the south.


        The festival is presented to the public by providing wonderful and diverse performances for many years. It also offers a stage for national and oversea bands to display the cultures and spirits of the concert band, and leaves good memories to the participants. Besides the conventional events like the indoor & outdoor concerts, the street parade and the marching band night show, there are concert music studios for people to do an exchange with international bands and speeches about concert bands given in schools. The waves of music with the significant audio effects shown by the professional teams from other countries and the outstanding team in Taiwan compose special and joyful music chapters in Chiayi. The most splendid performances one can appreciate are all in the Chiayi City International Band Festival.


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