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Location of Chiayi city

Chiayi city locates on the north side of Chia-Nan plain of south-west Taiwan. Ali mountain locates on our east side, Chiayi airport is on our west side, on the north side is Putsu river and Pachang creek is on the south side. Tropic of Cancer is about l km away from the south of our city. The size of Chiayi city is 15.8 km from east to west and 10.5 km from south to north. The total area is 60.0256 square kilometer. Our city is surrounded by Chiayi County. Except part of the east side which belongs to Chuci hills, most places of Chiayi city are fertility plains. The terrain slowly raises from west to east and it’s broad flat.

Development orientation and superiority

Development orientation

  1. Build a tranquil, artistic, safe, sustainable and marvelous city
  2. Construct a efficient, convenient, prosperous IT city.
  3. With Co-location and Integrating sub-regional center, we build Chiayi city as the center of tourism and leisure of south-west Taiwan and the gate of Ali mountain.


  1. strengthen cities of sub-regional center to develop a muilti-core metro area of leadeshipr. With enthusiasm we combine resources from cities and counties to establish positive communications and partnership. Together we promote developments of arts, biotechnology, commercial port and tourism sector.
  2. Establish high-technology industries and transform traditional industries.
  3. Combine cultural arts and natural resources to create various recreation environments.
  4. Active the core area of humanism and history and rebuild local cultural characteristic and city image.


Main transport system of Chiayi city includes highway, expressway, high-speed railway, railway, BRT bus rapid transit system and air transport.


The western line run through our city therefore the Chiayi station can provide services for transport and cargo carrying. The Alishan line is one of the rare mountain railways in the world. It starts from Chiayi city to Ali Mountain and most of the passengers are tourists.

BRT bus rapid transit system

In order to link to the high-speed railway, We build the BRT bus rapid transit system form our city to Taibao city. It takes about 30 minutes to go to high-speed railway station from Chiayi city.


The No.3 National highway locates on east side of our city. It takes about 15 minutes from urban district to interchange. On the west side we have No.1 National highway and it takes about 15 minutes from urban district to interchange. They are important highway systems for Chiayi citizens.


On the south side locates the Taiwan 82 expressway which links to No.1 and No.3 national highway for transporting between east and west.

Air transport

Now in Chiayi airport the Uni Air operates the airline directly from Chiayi to Golden Gate airport and Magong airport. It takes about 15 minutes from urban district to Chiayi airport.


The Renyi lake reservoir and Lantan reservoir which can respectively contain water for 25,850,000 and 9,790,000 cubic meters are the main water resources for Chiayi city.

Department stores/ Shopping malls

In Chiayi city there are the first Japanese shopping mall, Nice Plaza, in South-west Taiwan and two other Department stores including FE21’ Chiayi branch and Shing Kong Mitsukoshi. There are two other shopping malls including Carrefour and RT-Mart.