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Primary industries: Agricultural diversification

  1. Transform the traditional agriculture into leisure agriculture and public plantation.
  2. Promote leisure agriculture which combines flower industries and ecological conservation.
  3. Cultivate technology-intensive agriculture to strengthen its competitiveness.
  4. Sustainable promotion for healthy and non-toxic agriculture.

Secondary industries:
Integrate biotechnology, precision machinery and R&D program to league biotech industries, machinery and equipment together and provide more jobs.

Tertiary industries: Green industry

  1. Promote sport events, which will stimulate developments of our cultural assets, to empower city incomes and tourism industry.
  2. Via the public transport system, we will promote short-term business travel with local view point.

Important industries for promoting trade and investment

Overview of industrial development

  • (1) Healthcare Industries

    Chiayi City’s healthcare resources are the best among other cities in Taiwan and had been selected as the best city in “Social Welfare Performance” by CommonWealth Magzine since 2006 to 2008. Chiayi city is the model of long-term care policy of Executive Yuan and has established Long-term Care Management Center of Chiayi City. We have established single widow system of medical care for providing citizens quick and convenient services. Under our jurisdiction we have rich medical-care resources such as 381 medical institutions and 5 large-scale hospitals for the best medical services.

  • (2) Tourism and leisure industries

    Chiayi is a city full of history and humanism. It’s known f or the title “City of Paintings” and the gate of Ali Mountain railway which is one of the three largest mountain railway. One of Taiwan’s most valuable arts, Koji Pottery, is also originated here. It’s a Cultural city with plenty of passions and arts. Special monuments, authentic traditional snacks and scenic spots of humanism are weaved together as elegant atmosphere of sense and sensibility.

  • (3) Cultural and creative industries

    In our city we have plenty cultural resources including unique relics (Koji Pottery and stone monkeys), and special activities (sky-High swing and International Band Festival). These rich cultures build creative minds even reopen our precious cultural relics. Urban renewal and designed city views activate unused spaces. They also link our cultural tourist route to shape Chiayi city as the best place for tourism and life of art and the center of culture and art in south-west Taiwan.

  • (4) Agriculture and food- processing industries
    Now rice is our main agricultural product. By promotion of farmer’s associations and planning of the Hong Ping flower production area, we produce high economic flowers such as carnations, lisianthus and tuberose. There are 102 food –processing industries and 65 of them are slaughtering industries.

  • (5) Precision machinery industries
    By the plan of local industry R&D promotion and financial subsidy for local small and medium-sized enterprises, we encourage R&D research and transform traditional machinery industries to precision machinery industries.

Sections for industrial development and investment

Industry and Commerce Section of Economic Development Bureau, Chiayi City
Industrial Commerce Development investment Promotion Committee of Chiayi City

Local special industries

The International Band Festival which has been held for 16 years is our city’s foundation stone for promoting cultural and creative industries. Specific measures includes professional training, art products, business specialization, marketing channel, art promotion and training. Koji Pottery and stone monkey engraving are our city’s continuous developing art. By the research and development of creative workshop, we fully demonstrate the traditional art including R&D and marketing.