Chiayi city has always been the center of humanism since it was built. From Japanese colonial period many great artists originated in Chiayi such as Chen Cheng-po, Wu Meiling, Lin Yu-shan, Chen Dingqi and Putian Sheng are famous artists. Reviewing the history of art development, our seniors have established well styles and reputations. Chen Cheng-po was selected in ”Empire Exhibition” and answered the invitation from “Qing Chen Painting Society” to lead special members in western painting society. On 9th October 2006, in the auction of “Chinese Modern arts” in Hong Kong, his “Dan Shui’ was sold for about $NT 148,000,000. In 2007 another of his painting was sold for 50,727,500 Hong Kong dollars. Again it made the highest record for Taiwan artists. Lin Yu-shan leaded the “Chun Meng Painting Society” and had great achievement in “Taiwan Exhibition”. His presented Chiayi to other artists in Taiwan. Both of them have strong influences in Chiayi’s art history. They are the models and mentors of Chiayi’s art and creation. Therefore Chiayi is known for the city of paintings.


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