Chiayi Police together with the Parents Association launched the "group nurturing and drug-free campus" activities.


Chiayi Police together with the Parents Association launched the "group nurturing and drug-free campus" activities.

Date of issue: 2017.12.26 Department: Police Bureau

School drug and youth drug abuse are the drugs most concerned about by all walks of life. They are also the focus of anti-drug work by the government.

In order to implement the "new generation anti-drug strategy" of the Executive Yuan - drug prevention and prevention of "zero drugs into schools", the Police Force launched a "group nurturing and drug prevention non-toxic campus" with the team efforts of the Chiayi City Parents Association. In particular, At 6:30 on the 25th, at the "Grand Hotel" Chiayi City Dahua Road 250, by the Vice Mayor of Chiayi City Zhang Hui-rate municipal government team (Education Department, Department of Social Affairs, Bureau of Health and other offices) along with the city association members Chief Executive Cheung Yan-foo, heads of schools, parents 'council and police deputy director Shao Ming-ren led the juvenile team captain Zhang Jinqing and the non-school supervisor Fan Zhiping together to sign the "group nurture and drug-free campus" campaign to unite parents' guardianship Children are protected from drugs and parents of all students are concerned about the determination of the police to fight drugs. Using the power of media communication, children are reminded that the community care for our future masters and keep them away from the dangers of drugs.


Activities by the police (juvenile team) for the city juvenile students poisoning status and response strategies to explain; the future will continue through the Education Department and the school will coordinate the school parent associations at all levels, to hold meetings or activities, send members to publicize "Drug abuse" and "anti-drug" awareness, so that parents are free from fear.


Zhan Yonghua, director of the Chiayi Municipal Government's Police Department, said: To prevent juveniles from being poisoned and to contain the new-born drug population, the Police Force has set up a "guarding-and-minor project" to provide first-timers of juvenile drugs with basic knowledge of the dangers of parents and juveniles and to help them stay away from drugs, Seek help and other propaganda information in order to achieve a comprehensive "anti-drug" policy and hope that through this signing campaign, group "guarding children and less" in the Chiayi Parents Association, parents at all levels and the municipal government team closely, let the children brave "Drug abuse" to jointly create a "non-toxic campus" quality of growth environment.

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