Eye Catching Artworks in front of Fire Bureau



December 28, 2017

Fire Bureau


Chiayi City Government -In order to have people’s attention on public and recruiting volunteering firemen, Chiayi City Government Fire Bureau Frist Branch installed artworks which corresponds to the Minions Christmas theme in front of and around the duty desk that allow people to take pictures. The artworks includes Ironman, Minions, Black Cat, Witches, Pinky Piggy, Hippo, etc., it not only gave Chiayi City a fresh appearance but also create a new atmosphere instead of being serious in the fire department.


Chiayi City Government Fire Bureau Frist Branch said in order to set up a special area, team members Siao Yaohui particularly asked the Dragonfly kindergarten, Taoyuan County, borrow a series of cute dolls to attract public attention in order to achieve the effectiveness of fire prevention and advocacy. It has attracted a lot of pedestrians and students taking pictures to commemorate the success of the promotion.


Yang Youren, captain of the first branch of the Chiayi City Fire Department said that recently many fires have caused tragedies. Unfortunately, most of the fires disasters were caused by misusing fire, electricity and lack of attention when using gas. To remind people at home how to use electrical appliances and fire evasion of the common sense of refuge, the special set area with lovely figure doll to attract people to the unit to visit, by the way GF fire prevention leaflets to remind people to pay attention to the use of electricity, fire safety. For example, on the 9th floor of a renovated dwelling house in WuFeng South Road recently, there were flames burning. The living room on the floor was almost burnished. However, the two rooms escaped by the family were "innocent" because they had "closed their doors" People, the successful case of rescue also public awareness of the right to asylum.


The first branch of the Chiayi City Government Fire Bureau also provided a QR-Code scan to allow visitors to follow the likes of Facebook's affiliate Facebook QR-Code scans to join the Sun Department Facebook fan page to provide more fire protection in the Sun affiliate Facebook page Knowledge, to ensure the safety of people home, welcome people to join the sun group Facebook fan page!






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