Tu Held the Third Anniversary Conference



December 29, 2017

General Affairs Department


Chiayi City Government -It was the third year since Tu Shingzhe and his company entered Chiayi City Government. On December 28th, a thanksgiving conference was held at the City Hall’s lobby to show the appreciation toward all the citizens’ and committee’s support. Tu said it is impossible for Chiayi City becoming a better place without everyone’s support on city development plans and the great teamwork. He, in the end of the conference, presented beautiful flowers with his team to the city showing his gratitude as a sweet and tearful ending.


After the opening dance presented by 12 elders from West Senior Center, Tu Shingzhe dressing in a frog macaw walked on stage which he tried to recall everyone what he did perfectly on cleaning the sewage systems. He also mentioned that he could not only entertain people but execute things solidly. Chief of Lucuo Village Lu Chungchu, Chief of Fanshe Villege Chen Siouyu and chiefs from both East and West village committee shared what citizens feel from local perspective.


“We finally saw it after three years!” Lu is thankful for what Tu has done that they serve the people and the community very hard. Chen shared that after Tu got on, he immediately improve the former scooter parking lot issue. The citizen is so pleased by his execution.


Chief Chen said she has been the chief for over ten years that he finally found out Tu is not like any other mayor in the past that he does not procrastinate and he listen to people. Tu is a true politician who really worked hard on creating a better Chiayi City. He is the one who is willing to lower his situation to actually do something for the city.


The mayor briefing pointed out that after taking office, the municipal government actively dredging, so that people farewell flooded nightmare; a full facelift LED lights, the country's first road lighting services to buy, do not spend a dime city hall, saving 27.42 million yuan per year electricity bill , Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions of about 15,523 tons; road manhole cover 80%, flatness comparable to the highway, the national road flat three with tyrants; train station square rectification, to create a new facade of Chiayi City and KANO Park enabled, let the city More beautiful.



"As the mayor of the doctor, the health of our friends and relatives is protected by the team of both me and the municipality." The mayor emphasized that the country's first hospital-based health screening has achieved 95.2% overall service satisfaction this year with a attendance of 18,631 people, Pros and cons with the "irregular, irregular, indefinite" mobile assault inspection, so that people in Chia’an  heart to eat. There is also a national vaccination of nine girls for a free cervical cancer vaccine, prevention of dengue fever, PM2.5 year after year decline in the country, it is even more dazzling performance.


The wisdom and technology of Chiayi City have achieved phenomenal success. ICF was listed as one of the seven smart cities in the world in 106 years and once again shortlisted in 21 smart cities in 107 years. It proves that "cities do not have to be large and smart is good."


"The future will be better!" Tu mayor stressed that at present the construction of water resources centre, cargo transfer center, Baizhang River pedestrian landscape bridge, railway viaduct and so on are epoch-making major projects, to break through the zero takeover rate of sewage so that cities Be a transport hub between North and South, to create a new sightseeing highlights, and suture the city line, flip Chiayi new style.



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