Mr. May Presented by Member from the Phoenix Volunteer



January 2, 2018

Fire Bureau


Chiayi City Government -Recently, Ministry of National Defense held a press conference for the publish of the 2018 Military calendar which the theme “bravery” is presented by the Air Rescue Group and nurses from Chiayi. And also, Chen Zhehuei, a member of the Air Rescue Group who at the same time volunteering in Chiayi City Fire Bureau First Phoenix Group, is also a Chiayi City citizen. 


What does the Air Rescue Group do is to communicate with the air crash incidents, vessel rescuing, helping the injured people and transferring patients which is partly similar to what the Phoenix volunteered team has been doing. Obstacles and training are included on the way of becoming a professional air rescue member, and so do the Phoenix Volunteers so that it is not an easy task for both members.   


On the other hand, air rescue nurse is a challenging job to do. Every mission seems to be extremely intense and dangerous according to the description by them. However, the spirit of serving the country will not change at all. Volunteers in Chiayi City First Branch often deal with OHCA, emergency parturition, car accidents and resection. Not only in the job can learn to use, but also to play director to serve the people of Chiayi City, as the city fire station Phoenix volunteer is actually a meaningful thing.


Yang Yoren, chief of the Chiayi City Fire Bureau First Department said that the Phoenix volunteered team has established for years, and it has always been helping people with great quality and attitude. Now, there are totally 20 people in the group including 5 Chiayi Air Force Air Rescuing nurses. Each of the volunteer stay low and work hard making people touched. We all should be proud of them!

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