"Sleeping Forest" lights up North Gate Station


"Sleeping Forest" lights up North Gate StationDate of issue: 2017.12.30 Unit: Cultural Affairs


Since the days of the Japanese occupation, Beimen Village Park, through the creative ingenuity of well-known illustrator SMART Zhuang Shun-tang and the theme of "Sleeping Forest", combined with the traditional arts and crafts of Chiayi "Cochin Tao" as a part of media, designed a series of installations Art, so that the image of the park entrance, the park landscape and street lighting and other devices more lively and interesting, held in the night of December 30 (6) lighting ceremony, but also feel the warm atmosphere of the park after lighting. Mayor Tu and his wife Zheng Yu-juan, members of the legislature attended the meeting with heavyweight guests from other places in the culture and culture, and highly praised the inception of the sleeping forest.


"SMART's creativity is so great that the small park is transformed and the Beimen Hall is lit up!" Mayor Tu Yuet-chol said that with the installation of the outdoor installation, the original appearance of the park will be improved and people and the arts will be more intimate. Welcome the bustling travelers And community residents, wandering in the rich pleasure of beauty, from daily life to understand more about Chiayi, look forward to the future Chiayi City, more corners can be beautified and afforestation to allow more people into the park. The mayor said the sleeping forest will become another rammed punch photo attraction. Welcome visitors to visit the North Gate Station during the daytime and have a night trip again to experience the adorable intentions of the sleeping forest.


Sleeping Forest uses the elements of the park's existing trees, branches and leaves, air-raid shelters and street lights to create sleeping creatures that steal the animals and show the peace and tranquility of the forest to convey the relaxation of the forest Magic, SMART Zhuangxin Tong said that the modern people are too stressed, afraid to sleep, and are not willing to rest. This is also the context of the sleepy forest. I hope everyone can relax here and relax like a dream.


The entrance to the cherry arches, in addition to welcome everyone into the forest, and echoes North Gate Station for the Alishan entrance of the image; birdcage and owl modeling decorative lights, which lit stars, the moon and the sun, to increase the sense of fantasy; park more than 50-year-old old lotus trees and air-raid shelves are hung a few lanterns, creating a fantasy forest atmosphere. This series of installation art at the same time with Chiayi in the characteristics of Cochin pottery making beautiful cherry petals, through the unique glaze Cochin pottery works, simultaneously presents the traditional beauty of Chiayi.


The purpose of the art setting, in addition to the appearance of the aesthetic appearance of the work, also hopes to blend in the local culture, and thus beautify the environment. The Cultural Affairs Bureau said that the venue for the installation of art installations is especially grateful for the great assistance of the Forest Bureau Chiayi Forest Management Office. Only by virtue of the well-known illustrator SMART Shonang Tang's skilled hands and new horizons can this result be achieved.


Since December 30, Sleeping Forest has been set up in parks adjacent to North Gate Station and Yushan Hotel, inviting people to the park to find cute animals sleeping in the forest. Starting from the opening day until February 28 (明月 (107)), all you have to do is to visit the park and press and give a copy to the Facebook Fan Page at Culture Bureau (https://www.facebook.com/chiayicity.cultureman) Photo message, you can exchange Sleeping Forest cute animal badge 2. For inquiries about the events, please visit our website (http://www.cabcy.gov.tw/web/).


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