Revealing Ceremony of Chiayi City Finances and Local Tax Bureau



January 3, 2018

Finances and Local Tax Bureau


Chiayi City Government -“Intelligence finances & Tax” Chiayi City Government, according to the organizational reform, combined the finance department and the local tax bureau into the new finance and local tax bureau. On January 2nd, at 8am in the morning, Chiayi City mayor Tu Shingzhe, deputy mayor Zhang Bohuei, chief of the finance and local tax bureau Lin Jienhung, director of the Budgeting Section Fang Minghuei and committee member Chen Shingzhi together host the unveiling ceremony and took the oath right after on the 4th floor. Ling Jienhung, in front of the crowd directed by Tu Shingzhe, successfully finished handing over with the former director. It was Simple and easy.


Tu Shingzhe said that Chiayi City has moved from the past to the future alone with Director Lin’s leading, and the combination of finance and tax could possibly improve the efficiency and increase Government’s income. Additionally, the combination of intelligence and technologies could make people’s life easier. The City Government just established the Intelligence Technologies Department which is the beginning of creating a smart Chiayi City in the future that will be governed by advanced ways and it will make things easier such as paying the tax more convenient, at the same time the Government could spend more time one serving the citizen.  


Since September, Lin said that there have been 137 services within the local tax bureau running through computers. It will be saving 50, 000 pieces of paper a year which is environmentally safe. He also pointed out that Mayor Tu has been actively applying for more budget in order to complete the Railway Track Elevation and sewerage system. What’s more, the cargo transit center is under the construction now.


Director Lin has spent 26being a government employer including the director of Chiayi City Environmental Protection Bureau, West District, Social Department, Mayor’s Secretary and Local Tax Bureau, etc. Therefore, Lin is undoubtedly a perfect choice for Tu to improve his team efforts making Chiayi City a smart city eventually.





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