Chiayi City Center for Drug Control held a meeting of drug control


Chiayi City Center for Drug Control held a meeting of drug control
Date of issue: 2018.1.2 Department: Health Bureau

Chiayi City Center for Drug Control held a meeting of drug control
The 2nd Committee of Chiayi Drug Hazard Prevention and Control Center in 106th was presided over by Mayor Tu Shutun on the 2nd with a total of 40 members including members of the Chiayi City Center for Drug Control and members of various groups (education, social administration, police and public health) Jointly reviewed the contents of the drug hazard prevention business and also conducted a special project report on the prevention and control of three levels of Level 5 drugs by the director of Chiayi City Drug Hazard Prevention Center Liao Yurei to explain the division of labor and cooperation in the anti-drug business in the Municipality.

Anti-drug is a major policy of President Tsai. The Executive Yuan, in particular, proposed the "new generation anti-drug strategy" on May 11, 106 and pursued the source of drugs with a focus on "people". The goal of "quantity" was to eliminate the presence of drugs. With a total of 80 action plans under the "Action Program for a New Generation Anti-drug Strategy," it is estimated that 10 billion yuan will be invested over the next four years. Together with local authorities, we will jointly declare war on drugs.

People's demands for a smooth and stable living and working environment have never changed. At present, the number of smokers who are smuggled up by drugs and the age of smokers is harmful to the health of the public, the social order and the law and order in the public security on the campus, which have severely tested the overall development of the country. Under the concept of innocence, serious drug trafficking and prevention beyond cure, effective policies and inter-departmental synergies at all levels such as arrests, prevention, education and treatment of abstinence are all part of the government's continuous efforts to promote work and allow all Colleagues must be responsible for doing their utmost to promote anti-drug work. .

The mayor said that Chiayi City attaches great importance to drug control. In addition to inviting experts in education, social administration, health administration, police administration, land prosecution, hospitals, prisons, religious institutions, schools of overseas education, Chia-Yi Employment Center and crime prevention and control scholars, Besides, members of the Society of Psychiatry of Taiwan, the Society of Psychologists and the Society of Social Workers are also invited to participate. Through the bureaux and other resources, the background of drug abusers is explored and analyzed. Various channels are used for diversified publicity. Follow-up and follow-up counseling conducted by drug addicts in the prison to ensure normal working and rest after going to prison and actively guide employment and have a normal life.

With the efforts of all the units, the Central Government awarded the title of "Excellent Excellent" to the business performance of the Chiayi City Center for Drug Control and Prevention in 1996. We hope that all of you will continue to hold their posts in the new year. Search for drugs and control narcotics crime, promote diversified prevention and advocacy, construct a sound welfare network and take care of more people who need caring. We will continue to create a safe, livable, happy and new Chiayi goal.

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