2018 Chen Miaoling Solo Exhibition



January 3, 2018

Cultural Affairs Bureau


Chiayi City Government -In recent years, a well-known female painters of Chiayi, Chen Miaoling, is going to held her own exhibition in the B zone of the Exhibition Hall on the 3rd floor of Chiayi City Museum on January 4, 2018. Her solo exhibition opening ceremony at 10:00 am on January 7, for her Naked Women of Taiwan Oil Painting Contest. All interested friends are welcome to visit.


Chen Miaoling, born in 1968, a native of Chiayi City, graduated from National Taiwan University of the Arts and taught by Cheng Zhe, Huang Zhaofang, Chen Zhenghong, Cao. She won the first prize of the 75th session of the Taizhou Art Exhibition Gold Medal, the Central China Art Exhibition, Songxi Art Exhibition and other public and private recruiting competitions twelve prizes. Taiwanese art heavyweight painting will be the Taiyang Art Association, the Republic of China Oil Painting Association, May Painting Society, Central Taiwan Art Association, and South American Association that works by the United States and Taiwan's Cultural Bureau, Museum of Art collection.


In foreign countries, she won the first place in the United States of America for the Still Point Arts Quarterly, the second prize of American Art Award AMERICAN ART AWARDS and Canada, France and Italy. The works are widely selected in art yearbooks such as the United States, Britain, Italy and France magazine. In 2017, she was invited to attend the Florence Biennale in Italy and was named one of the Top 100 Achievement Artists in the Mantova International Manchurian International Biennale in Rome, Italy. Also, she was awarded International Prize Andrea Mantegna International Art Award) and Florence International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci Award.


Award-winning Chen Miaoling’s observation and painting naked point of view and others are different and said that her nude painted regardless of attitude, proportion and texture are very natural and comfortable. Because she put each of their own bones And the muscles are familiar. Painter's beauty is different from that of fashionable and fashionable beauty. "Chen Mi-ling, who has a different perspective every time and is beautiful in the Tang Dynasty," focuses on the light side. "Do not look at the shadow. Live a happy life. "


Chen Miaoling spent four degrees studying in Finland, Austria, Paris and other places to capture the aesthetics of European living atmosphere. Her life in simple, breathing in love, the pursuit of beauty and goodness, will move their own records of things into creative, so that the true feelings between people, into the beauty of work presented in January 4, 107 onwards Everyone here to enjoy, its truth revealed the oil painting exhibition.

Exhibited Name: "Godfrey - Oriental Pearl Chen Miaoling 2018 solo exhibitions"

Exhibition Date: 107/01/04 (Thu) -1/21 (Day)

Opening and Sharing Session: 107/1/7 (Sun) 10:00 am Taiwan Oil Painting Competition Wushu Secret Sharing Session

Venue: Museum B, 3rd Floor, Building B





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