Vice Mayor condolences veterans to send Spring Festival condolences


Vice Mayor condolences veterans to send Spring Festival condolences

Release Date: 2018.2.5 Unit: Civil Affairs Office


Vice Mayor condolences veterans to send Spring Festival condolences

With the arrival of the Spring Festival, Vice Mayor Zhang Huibo, accompanied by Zhang Chaokun, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department, Tian Wenzhen, head of the department, Luo Zizheng, mayor of the Eastern District, and Xu Mengqin, the mayor of the Western District, today (5 March) Zhuang Jixiong and other soldiers in five people worship the New Year, and presented the Spring Festival condolences.


Deputy Mayor Zhuang Jixiong condolences to the home, Zhuang Jixiong paralyzed under the cervical spine due to a car accident in the basic training equipment inspection. Zhuang Jixiong saw the deputy mayor's visit very happily. He also shared his use of computer to write novels and listen to music with the deputy mayor Everyday life Vice Mayor also cheer especially for Zhuang daddy, blessing the new year more and more smoothly.


Deputy Mayor and his party went to Li Jianxun, Chen Shande, Wang Kaiping and Li Junyi condolences. Li Jianxun parents operating North and South cargo trading, usually very busy, Vice Mayor and Li Ma mother talked about the rehabilitation of Jian Xun, cheer for Lee mother cheer. Continued to visit Prosperous Street Chen Shan, Chen was injured after rehabilitation, and enthusiastic and active service is also a physically handicapped friend, Vice Mayor Chen thanked the passionate enthusiasm to break through the body constraints, is the city model. Wang Kai-ping parents operating bread shop, and now gradually recover the body health, has been able to greet guests and simple actions, I heard Kai-ping will use mobile phones, computers, vice mayor Kai encouraged online auction development, so that parents and mom's good Products sold better, life is more aggressive. Due to central nervous system disorder, Li Junyi can not take care of his daily life. However, under the care of his mother, he has made a lot of progress. When he saw his guests, Jun Junyi simply smiled and waved with joy, making people feel warm.


Civil Affairs Department said that retired veterans face the life with an optimistic attitude and get out of the outdoor to meet the sunshine. The parents and their families regretlessly give their utmost support and thank the veterans and disabled people for their contributions to the country and society. Happy New Year, the new year all the best.

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