Safely Changing Gas Tank



February 6, 2018

Fire Bureau


Chiayi City Government -Gas tank is a daily necessity for many people, but it is also so dangerous that it could cause serious disasters due to inappropriate using. The gas-related accident occurred recently in Kaohsiung could be avoided if people are able to check the gas tank with the Ministry of the Interior National Fire Agency LPG Using in Place of Business Policy or appropriately usage in order to prevent accidents from happening.


A lunchbox shop opened for less than one year at Siaoguan district, Kaohsiung happened to be the explosion area during meal time recently. After the investigation, it is said that the cause of the incident is because of the incomplete manual leading to gas leak and explosion. Moreover, the Taichung Fengchia gas explosion is also because of the inappropriate using which the gas tanks drop to the first floor causing the fire tragedy. The according cases belongs to human issues which are all preventable cases so once people pay more attention to gas using, it is possible to avoid accident occurs.


To assist the self-inspection of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) containers and the LPG retail replacement gas containers referred to as gas buckets for operational safety, the National Fire Agency set a LPG Administrative guidance program. Because liquefied petroleum gas is heavier than air, the gas bucket should be placed outdoors and ventilated place to avoid gas leakage, resulting in the accumulation of hazards; and gas buckets should be fixed to prevent the collapse of gas cylinders in the event of an earthquake or collision to break the pipeline leaks. The other in the replacement of gas barrel, the container valve and the surrounding fire should be closed; found a leak, the container valve should be closed to avoid leakage of gas and adopt natural ventilation, avoid turning on electrical equipment.


If a large number of gas leaks should be promptly notified to the fire department to handle, Chiayi City Fire Bureau also strengthen the various places within the propaganda, hoping to enhance the business vigilance, to prevent regrettable occurrence. Chiayi City reminds that shops or stores using LPG should self-examine from time to time in order to prevent fire incident from happening. 



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