The Road From Chuaiyang to the HSR Boulevard is Open



February 7, 2018

Fire Bureau


Chiayi City Government -Chiayi City Fuyi Street, which is at the intersection underneath Chuaiyang Bridge, has been blocked by the central tunnel affecting the traffic between Chuaiyang Rd. and the HSR Boulevard and also the Fuchuan and Shiping villages is going to be repaired after last year’s petition. After the road inspection by Mayor Tu Shingzhe, the construction was finished on January 30th, 2018. Today, Tu went to check all the traffic after the new construction.


“I will listen to the majority’s voice,” said Tu. After receving the petition by Fuchuan and Shiping villages, Chiuyang Bridge leading directly to the HSR Boulevard was blocked by the Central Platoon. It fails to penetrate Datong Road and causes residents on both sides of the railway to go around 1 kilometer more, resulting in traffic inconvenience. Hearing public opinion opens the central island of Fuchuan Street. At the invitation of the design unit to study the structural safety of box culvert, traffic safety and other construction details, safe and secure, began January 30 successfully completed.


Tu said, in the future, people are able to pass directly through Fuyi Street, and the traffic convenience increase in large amount. It will bring great news to the locals and also show the public platform joined by citizens. 


Transportation Bureau said that after the opening of this intersection, the direction of high-speed rail opened to the left and right, to the west under the direction of the bridge lights additional left turn protection phase, marking the left bend, right bend lane, at the same time to avoid Speed is too fast, to the West Bridge position with red light running and speeding camera banned equipment, called passers-by to comply with traffic rules, according to the light and speed limit, passing through junctions also slow down to jointly maintain traffic safety and traffic order .

This morning, Tu arrived and tell the people living here about this great news. People from Fuchuan and Shiping applauses for the great news saying thank you to mayor Tu.



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