Pour the Water Out From Containers for a Happy New Year



February 7, 2018

Environmental Protection Bureau


Chiayi City Government -Most people realize mosquitos only appear during summer and autum, however, so does winter. The commonly seen mosquitos are called the quinquefasciatus which are active during the cold winter and early spring, and usually inside. Quinquefasciatus features that they are able to breed without sucking blood, and they stay in the basement or inside the pipe which is different from the white mosquito which comes into residents through elevators during summer.


Knowing the mosquito’s habit and deal with the problem is the key to eliminate them. Because they like to stay in dark and humid areas, and also a warm basement is where they love to stay as well. So, the basement pipe located under an apartment should be cleaned and examined periodically. During the cleaning process before Chinese new year, the containers should all be cleaned and the water should be dried out to prevent mosquito laying eggs.


According to article 11 of the Waste Cleaner Law, land, buildings and public health are cleared by the owner, administrator or user, and violators are liable to a fine of NT $ 1,200 to 6,000 in accordance with the law , Chiayi City Government Environmental Protection Bureau statistics 106 cases of the case, of which 45 cases of public information container water, a total of 6 disposal, to remind members of the public, often pay attention to the surrounding environment, there is no case of water storage, the inspection did not improve within the time limit. Let’s clean environment depends on you and my maintenance!



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