Chiayi City Chinese New Year Markets Is Awesome



February 8, 2018

Economic Affairs Department


Chiayi City Government -Chinese New Year Market starts now! This year, the market is combined with stands from the West, East, Gonghe, Beishing, Bao’an, Nantien and Yungan markets, together creating a holiday atmosphere. The opening press conference is specially held at Chiayi Temple. Mayor Tu Shingzhe and deputy mayor Zhang Hueibo attended with other guests to promote for the New Year goods.


Tu said, people in the north like to shop in supermarkets or outlets where things are cheaper but is lack of human interaction. In this period of time, Chinese new year, the best choice for people is to go shopping at traditional markets that every one of them contains various goods that you can name it all. In order to appeal for more customers, Chiayi City Government organized a press conference to display the delicious dishes and also allow people to taste them themselves.


Economic Affairs Department said that they want to share the holiday mood with all citizens through promoting the New Year market. People are welcomed to visit each market for foods and goods. In addition, mayor Tu greeted every food stand and sent out candies and couplets wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year.


Furthermore, 17 food stands won the prize in the competition in 2017 representing Chiayi City. Deputy Mayor Zhang Hueibo personally congratulated all the winners one by one. The winners who got a star are Ji’s Chicken, YoLove, Shulei outfit in the west market and the winners receiving one stars are Makalong Ganmadiem. For the east markets, Wang Beef Soup, Sange Meat, Shinmingjin Fishball got 3 stars and Afu Sashimi, Chienwan Sashimi, Siao Spring Roll, Shieshing, Wanshang Veggie, Fuwei meat, Wang’s Squid, Yuan’s Rice cake and pork got 2 stars.


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