Chiayi City once again won the 2018 ICF 7 smart cities in the world


Chiayi City once again won the 2018 ICF 7 smart cities in the world
Date of issue: 2018.2.9 Unit: Wisdom and Technology Office

      The International Community Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) announced on February 9 that "the world's top 7 smart cities of the year" will be selected. Chiayi City was selected as smart21 global smart city, and won the TOP 7 (the world's 7 Wisdom City) good grades. Once again proved that the use of smart technology in Chiayi City convenient service, building the city's efforts, but also to the world to show "less city, smart is good," the wisdom of energy, Chiayi into the global TOP 7 is the international affirmation of Chiayi City, but also the public The pride of friends.

       Tu mayor said that in addition to winning the wisdom of Chiayi City, efforts to promote smart city reaffirmed the intentions, the more important significance is to allow Chiayi City to the world, show strength. Chiayi City is a small city with only 60 square kilometers and a population of less than 270,000, making it an indicator of urban governance. The director responsible for the overall planning, said: Chiayi City to promote smart city is based on citizen needs and the existing problems of the city as the core, from the wisdom of governance, urban planning in two directions, although the promotion of time is only 2 years, the first phase Has been in the face of smart health care, wisdom and disaster prevention, showing initial results. The next phase will be to tie in with the "Chang Chiu 2.0" project of the Central Government to create a more comprehensive Smart City of Health and the Chiayi City Railway Elevated in the "Forward-Looking Infrastructure Project" to drive the tourism and cultural and creative industries in Chiayi City . Undoubtedly, with the change of science and technology and society, the demand for urban intelligence will only increase and will continue to be transformed and renewed to meet the expectations of the people for a better life.

      The Chiayi City to participate in the ICF International Competition, for 2 consecutive years won the world's seven major international smart city honor. The mayor said: "A real smart city is not about how much hardware and software is built up, but rather about how to solve the public problem and smart municipal governance in a smart way from the perspective of the public so that the public can feel it." January 1 this year The Science and Technology Office of Japan City Government has been formally established. In the future, large-scale international enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual studios and associations will be invited to develop different 4G services based on their respective advantages and construct a sound 4G smart city platform so that citizens can enjoy the highest technology , The most close to the people's needs of the anti-aging, care, food security, transportation, tourism, cultural and creative services.

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