Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Attended the Opening Ceremony “Dance with Dragons” of Wei Chuan Dragons


August 17, 2019

Education Department/ Tourism and Information Department

        Dismissed for 20 years, Wei Chuan Dragons has returned to Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) as the fifth team. The training has begun in Douliu Baseball Stadium from today, which opened the “Dance with Dragons” serial activities. Chiayi City Mayor Huang Ming-Hui went to the training as one of the first pitch guests of “Competition: Old vs. New Dragons” with Wei Ying-Chong, Chairman of Tinghsin Hote Foundation. Chairman Wei played as the pitcher and Mayor Huang did as the batter. They together announced the opening of the competition.

        ‘I on behalf of City Government came to Douliu Baseball Stadium today for the first pitch of “Competition: Old vs. New Dragons”.’ said Mayor Huang. ‘We witnessed the competition and the stadium full of returning fans that showed the “Dragon Spirit”. This is how sports touch people’s hearts and what City Government dedicates to. We all hope to hear the applause, to see the flooding crowds, and to feels joys and the spirit of not giving up. We all hope Wei Chuan Dragons go to Chiayi City to demonstrate the spirit of baseball.

        ‘I appreciate Mayor Huang for attending the opening ceremony of “Dance with Dragons” with the players.’ said Chairman Wei. ‘We deeply feel the commitments dedicated by Mayor Huang and the City Government, and they are also enthusiastic about baseball. I hope there will be a chance collaborating with Chiayi City on either professional baseball or amateur baseball.’

        ‘In order to make this all possible, Wei Ying-Chong, Chairman of Tinghsin Hote Foundation, took the preparation team of Wei Chuan Dragons to Chiayi City Municipal Baseball Stadium to check the place and the facilities on Apr.10, 2019.’ Education Department indicates. ‘Today, Mayor Huang left for Douliu Baseball Stadium with the team of City Government. They also carefully looked over the planning and the software and hardware devices in the stadium, which was regarded as a reference for the renovation Chiayi City Municipal Baseball Stadium.’

        Chiayi City is home of baseball and the not-to-give-up spirit of KANO is the spirit of Chiayi City. City Government is now organizing the improvement of the hardware and software devices in the municipal stadium. The goal is to make it a suitable place for professional baseball game, which shows the determination transferring the home field of Wei Chuan Dragons to Chiayi City. In addition, integrating sports economics and tourism, hotels of Chiayi City are throwing accommodation activities on the baseball theme. For example, Nice Prince Hotel has released “Homerun Staying Program” and “Baseball Family Program” to show the love to baseball of Chiayi City. Everyone dedicates themselves into sports economics and has faith on the transferring of Wei Chuan Dragons.

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