“The 4th Chiayi Road Running Marathon Charity 2019” Kicks Off and Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Supports It with Her Affirmation


August 22, 2019

Education Department/ Tourism and Information Department

        One of the serial events for Chiayi City International Band Festival, “The 4th Chiayi Road Running Marathon Charity 2019” which has been held for 4 years, will take place on Dec.29. Chiayi City Mayor Huang Ming-Hui, Chiayi County Mayor Wong Zhang-Liang, Nezha Figure, and a marathon gold medal Yang Rui-Ci endorse the event on the press conference on Aug22. The City and the County work on sports economics together to thrive.

        Besides the conventional feature of running while drinking beer and red wine, performers from SJTV will play a gig on the runners’ night. Mayor Huang, Mayor Liang and several councilors gave a fabulous singing performance during the press conference today.

        ‘After the special municipalities, every administrative division of Taiwan faced the difficulty on the economy.’ Mayor Huang claims. ‘The City and the County ought to be close. I’m glad that Mayor Liang and I have reached a consensus for the prosperity of Chiayi area.’ The hosts also collaborate with non-governmental organizations and charities for the event in the hope of making it reach over ten million participants. They wish more collaboration could be made in the future not only on sports economy, but on all aspects. People would love to see the collaboration between the City and the County.

        Mayor Liang points out the possibility of the City and the County working together again. Numerous public policies and social welfares are related to the citizen’s daily lives. The resources of the government are supposed to go to the people first. He wishes the City and the County could collaborate at all aspects.

        ‘Charity is something selfless.’ Mayor Huang indicates. ‘The best bridge connecting different people is the communication with music. Chiayi City International Band Festival draws even outstanding units from Chiayi County to take part in. The “Band Carnival” will take place on Dec.21 afternoon and I hope Mayor Liang will join us.’

        ‘Runners of “The 4th Chiayi Road Running Marathon Charity 2019” will set off from Min-Sheng Junior High School to Chiayi County Government and then turn back to the school.’ the hosts indicate. There have so far been nearly 8000 people signing up. Hopefully, there will be over 10 thousand participants by Oct.31, the due time for signing up. Those who like road running must seize the chance and look over the details on the website.

        The hosts are Chiayi Athletic Association, and SJTV. Sponsors with tiles are Chiayo Corp., Hwasan Toy, and Baihe BBQ. The ones without titles are TTL, HTC, Salonpas, Super Supau, and MyLe 3C. The participants are welcome to donate the electronic chips to Cerebral Palsy Association of Chiayi City, Chiayi County Ruozhur Education Foundation, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, and Eden Social Welfare Foundation.

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