Families of Newcomers to Chiayi Took a Half-Day Trip to Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum


August 25, 2019

Civil Affairs Department

        In order to immerse the new immigrants’ minds into art spirits, Chiayi City Government took the chance taking the families of new immigrants to visit Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum for its special summer exhibition on the morning of August the 25th. It allowed the families to appreciate the art collections by stepping into the sanctuary of culture. There were 39 participants of 14 families in total. They are from different countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, France and China. The families gathered at the front square of City Government at first, and then set off by shuttle after the speech of Liu Mei-feng, General-Director of Civil Affairs Department.

        ‘There had been 5,032 new immigrants (accounting for 0.9% of 548,952 new immigrants in the nation and 1.87% of the city population of 268,435 people) in Chiayi City until the end of July, 2019,’ General-Director of Civil Affairs Department said during the speech. ‘Even though there aren’t many of new immigrants, City Government still shows concerns on them. It is also an issue valued by City Mayor when it comes to city construction and policies. How to practice the life cares for new immigrants, cultures learning, and equal rights practicing are the main reasons why the visit is to Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum.’

        With a guide’s introductions in the museum, the families saw special collections exhibited only in summer such as Shades of Buddha, Jade-view of Asia, and Beauty of Integration. ‘Chiayi City Government holds an annual activity “Love My New Home” to improve the life consultancy for new immigrants and to appreciate multi-cultures,’ Civil Affairs Department states. ‘We hope the new immigrants feel happy on this island and be glad to be living in Chiayi. The activity this time is to bring new immigrants into Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, known as “Asian Art & Culture Museum”. The Government took the chance taking the new immigrants to pay a visit when the Museum holds quite a few gorgeous events during summer. The activity ended with a coincidence of meeting and taking pictures with Lin Li-Chan, a legislator-at-large seat on behalf of new immigrants.

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