Discovery of Chiayi and Promoting It to the World: Chiayi City Government Held a Conference for Attracting More Overseas Tourists


August 30, 2019

Tourism and Information Department

        In order to attract more tourists from other countries, City Government keeps promoting the tourism to the world. Many travel agencies in charge of the trips of overseas tourists were invited to the conference after the City Government went to Japan for promoting the religious parade in June. There were 17 agencies and media firms in the conference taking place in Yuh Tong Hotel this morning arranging the tourist attractions in Chiayi City. The travel agencies and the media communicated with the local industries and shared them with how to hold a reception for tourists from different countries. Mayor Huang Ming-Hui also attended the conference to promote the charm for tourism of Chiayi City. ‘The main support of the economy of Chiayi City is cultural tourism,’ she said. ‘The risk ought to be spread and Chiayi City should draw more tourists from different countries. City Government will also build a public platform for Chiayi City to be seen.’

        ‘Chiayi City isn’t lack of beauty but discovery,’ claims Mayor Huang. Chiayi City is the entrance to Alishan and it highlights the unique trait. Back in the time, Alishan led to prosperity and art in Chiayi City, so it was entitled with “City of Wood” and “City of Paintings”. Moreover, Chiayi Art Museum is going to open next year, and Chiayi City has local foods with their background stories. Besides the religious parade, tourists are also able to join International Band Festival held in December annually. Chiayi City is the best spot to witness the annular solar eclipse on Jun.21 next year, and Science 168 also takes place in Chiayi City. Chiayi City Government hopes the tourists have fun taking a trip in Chiayi City.

        According to Tourism and Information Department, there were 1.47 million tourists staying overnight in Chiayi in 2017 and 1.58 million in 2018. The increase of the number was due to not only the increase of the tourists of Taiwan themselves, but of tourists from Asia, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. The biggest growth goes to the tourists from China and Korea. The tourist number in 2018 is three times larger than it is in 2017, and the number of the tourists in Malaysia goes to twice larger. The number of Europe gets 39% growth, 31% growth of Singapore, 24% growth of Australia and New Zealand. Chiayi City shows its own uniqueness of forestry to attract more tourists and organizes big events such as International Band Festival, and Marathon by integrating the industries.

        The participants of the conference also tasted the local foods of Chiayi and visited the annual religious parade “Chenghuang Night Patrol”. Setting off, Corner Sweeping, lifting the palanquin and crawling through the bottom of the palanquin in front of City Government are the unique cultural features of Chiayi City.

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