Shin Hsien Elementary School Friendly Week: Mayor Huang Min-Hui Calls for “No Drugs, Gangs, and Bullying”


September 4, 2019

Education Department/ Tourism and Information Department

        Shin Hsien Elementary School held an activity for the friendly week of the first semester of 2019 academic year today. The elements such as anti-bullying and disability issues were told in the play during the activity. The “No Bullying” stickers on the students’ palms stood for how easy it is to stop illegal behaviors if wanted. Chiayi City Mayor Huang Ming-Hui endorsed for the friendly week activity and signed for the “No Bullying” declaration. She asked everyone to fight against drugs, gangs, and bullying.

        ‘The words “No Drugs, Gangs, and Drugs” are not only a slogan but an actual act,’ Mayor Huang claims. ‘A friendly environment is built by everyone in the school. This has to start from schools, so that it could be promoted to the society. I hope everyone be able to treat others with respects, embracement, and a heart to help. Hence, children could grow up in a friendly school and society.’

        ‘The policy “Education for 5 Goals” is not only the future plan for the education of Chiayi City, but something for every school to follow in order to practice it,’ says Mayor Huang. ‘The schools will thus be known for the good quality with the 5 goals: consideration, diligence, safety, happiness, and a touched heart. Furthermore, I hope the schools can show more concerns on the conditions of students with disability in school. If people show more empathy and help them more, the children will fall in love with learning and going to school.’

        In the beginning of the activity, the young volunteer team of Shin Hsien Elementary School gave a performance of a play where hilarious incidents happened to the characters in Doraemon. The meaning of “No bullying” and “Issues of disability” were hidden in the play. Directed by Li Xiao-Hua, the head of the volunteer team, and Xie Ming-Fang, ex-head of the team, the performance given by the volunteers made the audience focus on it and laugh out loud. The career of the protagonist in the play was a Foodpanda deliveryman which is popular recently.

        The activity was ended by Mayor Huang Ming-Hui, Ministry of Education Inspector Su De-Xiang, Education Department General-Director Lin Li-Sheng, Chiayi City Off-School Association Supervisor Fan Li-Ping, Principal He Xian-Chang, and Leader of Parent-teacher Conference Guo Jun-Ren. They pushed the for big balls with “Smart thoughts, expression, respects and showing concerns” on them towards the school, and the students also worked together to make the balls stop in front of the stage, which symbolized unity. Then the guests and the representatives for teachers and students signed for the “No Bullying” declaration and completed the last mission.

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