Sanxin Pavilion Renovation Completed, City Mayor Huang Ming-Hui: Come to Chiayi for Moon Seeing on Moon Festival.


September 6, 2019

Tourism and Information Department

        Over 5.8 million dollars being expended, the expansion construction for the terrace of Sanxin Pavilion has been accomplished. To celebrate the coming Moon Festival, Tourism and Information Department holds “Sanxin Moon-seeing Activity” at 8PM on Moon Festival (Sep.13). Not only will the egg yolk cakes be given away there, but those who like and check-in on Facebook page “Travel in Chiayi” can also receive small gifts. The inauguration ceremony for Sanxin Pavilion took place on Sep.6, and City Mayor as well as other guests appreciated the wonderful view of Lantan from the expanded terrace. They invited the citizens of Chiayi City to go there for moon seeing.

        ‘Dear citizens, we’ve made Sanxin Pavilion look better,’ said Mayor Huang. Moon Festival is an important day for us, and the coming three days off out of it would draw the local and visitors from other places. Lantan is one of the essential sight-seeing spots in Chiayi City, and Sanxin Pavilion built in 1977 stands for the childhood memories of local Chiayi people. The space at Sanxin Pavilion is larger after the expansion. There will be street performers for the moon-seeing activity. ‘Everyone is welcome to see the moon and the reflection on the lake while eating moon cakes,’ Mayor Huang welcomed and beamed.

        ‘Besides the moon-seeing activity, a music fountain show also hits us at 7:30PM, 8:30PM, and 9:30PM every day,’ Mayor Huang tells. ‘Moreover, you can’t miss the installation art “Moon Reflection on the Lake Heart” there.’ During the fountain shows from 7:30PM to 9:30PM, the area around Sanxin Pavilion will be under traffic control. Visitors can make use of Line 1 City Bus or Guanglinwojia Route 66, and it is free to take them while using electronic devices to pay until the end of the year. Those who drive there should park their cars in the parking lot across Sanxin Pavilion or along Xuefu Rd.

       ‘Sanxin Pavilion was built in 1977 sponsored by Chiayi City Third Credit Cooperative,’ claims Huang Yan-Long, Chairman of Chiayi City Third Credit Cooperative. ‘I appreciate Mayor Huang values the environment of leisure spots for the public and had people renovate Sanxin Pavilion.’ Hopefully, the spot would draw more attentions and thus make the city more prosperous.

        ‘The expansion for Sanxin Pavilion included the extended 3.5 meters long wood terrace, benches and lights,’ Tourism and Information Department states. ‘There is also a view-seeing platform for Lantan with 5-meter length and 10-meter width.’ Tourism and Information Department also reminds people that barbecue and fireworks aren’t allowed at the Lantan view-seeing area.

        ‘In addition to Sanxin Moon-seeing Activity and fountain shows, amazing activities are also held in many tourist attractions in Chiayi City during the three days off. “Chiayi Cheers” held in G9 Creative Park covers drinks, tour guides and a small fair. “Chiayi Travel – Forest and Wood Loving Challenges” of Chiayi serial activities for historical buildings has also kicked off. Visitors are welcome to attend the exposition for wood sculpture and collect the stamps of those historical buildings. “Chiayi City Community Play Art Festival – Street Fantasy 2019” will start from Sep.13 to Sep.22 and there will be 10 groups of performers with 5 shows of music, play and dance. Everyone is welcome to celebrate Moon Festival in Chiayi City.

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