“Cheers Chiayi – Cultural Festival for Drinks in Chiayi 2019” Kicks off in G9 Creative Park during the Mid-Autumn Vacation


September 10, 2019

Economic Affairs Department/ Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee, Chiayi/ Tourism and Information Department

        “Cheers Chiayi – Cultural Festival for Drinks in Chiayi 2019” will take place in G9 Creative Park during the vacation for Mid-Autumn Festival from Sep.13 to Sep.15. The events for the festival include: “Mid-Autumn Night Feast” designed with the alcohol from the Old Brewery by a state banquet chef Liu Bang-Chuan, “Cultures of Drinks Building” built up on the theme of tea, booze and coffee by a local youth start-up brand, “Mid-Autumn Tour” guided by the staff of the brewery, and the most fun event “Peach City Night Festival – Music Feast”. Except for some special events to experience, it is free for people to attend the activity and to have a different Mid-Autumn vacation.

        ‘There quite a few start-up teams expand their business into G9 Creative Park,’ claims Su Wen-Ling, Vice Director of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs. ‘It creates the chances for young people to make their dreams come true. I hope the government can make their business thrive by making plans and working with other big businesses.’

        ‘City Government dedicates to integrating and promoting the local businesses and the Chiayi City’s features,’ indicates Chen Guang-Xing, General-Director of Economic Affairs Department. ‘For example, an old brewery is used for the activity this time. Also, I hope it will come to a success.’

        The organizers for “Cheers Chiayi – Cultural Festival for Drinks in Chiayi 2019” are “Infusion Cake & Tea”, “Casa Lounge Bar”, and “Ping Huang Coffee”. They made use of the “Alcohol Storage” of the old brewery to build “Cultures of Drinks Building” occupying 1980 square meters with two stories on the theme of tea, booze and coffee. They offer drinks for people to taste and they are available for people to talk with on the journeys of starting a business.

        There are also amazing performances for the activity besides the events above. They are bartending show of Dong Wu Vocational High School, and runway of tea clothes of Chundao Art Studio. Liu Bang-Chuan, a state banquet chef, will make 10 dishes with the booze of the old brewery for “Mid-Autumn Night Feast” on Mid-Autumn Festival (Sep.13). Those who attend the feast will get a free special wine glass of the park. People will be able to have gourmets and bring a souvenir with them back home.

        “Cheers Chiayi – Cultural Festival for Drinks in Chiayi 2019” shows the dedication of G9 Creative Park to promoting the creative ideas of all ages and of integrating local businesses.


For more information, please call (05)216-0500, go to the official website of G9 Creative park: https://www.g9park.com/, or go to Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/g9park/.


Reminders from Chiayi City Government:


Do not drive after drinking.

Overdrinking may cause danger to your health.

Do not drink under 18.

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