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Item Nation Signing City/State Category Signing Date
1 United States Jackson City , Mississppi State Sister City 1983.4.11
2 United States East Orange City, New Jersey State Sister City 1985.8.22
3 United States Juneau City, Alaska State Sister City 1988.6.7
4 United States Murray City, Utah State Sister City 1988.6.9
5 Republic of the Philippines Province of Bulacan Sister City 1991.8.13
6 United States Syracuse City, New York State Sister City 1995.11.16
7 United States Martinsburg City, West Virginia State Sister City 1999.6.14
8 Republic of China Hsinchu City Sister City 2002.10.9
9 Republic of China Miaoli Country Sister City 2010.1.14
10 Japan Onomichi City , Hiroshima Prefecture Friendship City 2016.12.22