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City Flower
  • City Flower

    「Hong Kong Orchid Tree is an evergreen small trees being Caesalpiniaceae. The scientific name is Bauhinia blakeana. It has Bauhinia variegata like apperance and is with large thick leaves and striking purplish red flowers which is like cattleya.

    Bauhinia blakeana was imported into Taiwan in 1967. Except its specialty of coquettish flower, there is another quality that the same species, like Bauhinia variegata and Cercis chinensis don’t have. Its leaves can survive from winter and the florescence is from winter to spring. It is still splendid and vivid while most flowers of small trees are withered.

    Choose Bauhinia blakeana as the city flower of Chiayi is to symbolize the passion of citizens, the beauty and copiousness of municipal construction. The evergreen leaves symbolize thriving and robust of industry and business. The purpose is to anticipate citizens can work on creating a beautiful and prosperous Chiayi city all together.

Municipal Emblem
  • Municipal Emblem

    Chiayi City was reformed its status into provincial city on 1st of July in 1982. The mayor Dr. Shih Sian Syu solicited ideas about the municipal emblem from public then. After assessing, the design from citizen Ming Hong Tsai was selected.

    The blue background of the emblem symbolizes magnificence and dignity. The charchters of Chiayi city and plum blossom are white which symbolize brightness. The letters “71” are red which symbolize progress and auspicious. The mark of northern tropic is green which symbolize newly born.

    Plum blossom is Taiwan national flower. “71” represents the reformed date 1st of July, 1982. The mark of northern tropic tells the geographic position of Chiayi city. The four green lines represent reformation and elevation of city status.