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        The rainbow-colored Central Fountain was part of Chiayi City Wall in Qing Dynasty, also known as the “Peach’s Bottom”. The wall was torn down during the Japan’s Rule and turned into a roundabout with a small fountain in the middle. Central Fountain created by Chen Cheng-po, a painter originated from Chiayi, in 1933 reveals the scene around the rainbow-colored Central Fountain then. Taiwan was part of the war zones of the Pacific War during WWII in 1945. On the 3rd of April, the American Air Force bombarded Chiayi City and hit a carriage loaded with ammo around the railway station. The explosion spread to the streets, residential area, the railway station and the central fountain, and set the section on fire.

        In 1970, the city mayor Xu Shi-xian built the roundabout as the rainbow-colored Central Fountain. The highest water beam shoots as high as 20 meters, and the water dance runs in a cycle every 15 minutes, programmed with 14 shows along with colorful lights. The view under the dark sky in the evening is even more splendid, which earns it the title of “rainbow-colored” Central fountain.

Sacred Place of Democracy – Spiritual Landmark of Chiayi

     Six main roads in the city meet at the Central Fountain. In every eve before the election, candidates bring their groups here, and citizens will join them to show their supports, reaching the fever pitch of the election. What’s to be admired, the gathering always ends in peace, which displays what democracy is like. The central fountain turning into the sacred place of democracy has become the feature of Chiayi City and the spiritual landmark of Chiayi.

Cultural Landmark

        The marching carnival’s opening ceremony of Chiayi City International Band Festival has been held at the Central Fountain since 2009. Tens of thousands of people gather here every year in order to watch the marching bands. The road surrounding the Central Fountain becomes the stage of performances; hence, it is the cultural landmark during the event.

        Chiayi is home to baseball, and KANO playing at Koshien in 1931 sparked Taiwan’s love to baseball. The premiere of KANO was held in Chiayi City on the 22nd of February in 2014, showing the scene of people cheering for KANO who paraded from Chiayi Station after winning the championship. The inauguration for the statue “An Eagle with Spread Wings – KANO 1931” was held at the same time. The statue stands in the middle of the Central Fountain and the moment was recorded in the history.


        The Central Fountain in the bustling “Peach’s Bottom” symbolizes the history, culture, transportation, business, politics, and art. The Central Fountain records the history and the memories of Chiayi residents for the past century. It shows Chen Cheng-po’s passion for sketching the roundabout, the persistent KANO for baseball training, the policies made by the late mayor Xu Shi-xian, the democratic gathering before the election, and the marching carnival of the International Band Festival.